Mission Statement

The current mission statement of DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien (DEKRA HS) was released by the Academic Senate on 5 December 2013.

Core Purpose

At the core of our mission statement is the interaction between media and society. As a young media university we see our task as offering a high quality and effective study programme that will prepare our students for the demands of a complex ever-changing media world. Recent developments and job requirements of both the national and international media industries are always featured in our curricula.

Hands-on Training

Given our core purpose we offer a hands-on and business-oriented approach in our teaching and training, where theory and practice are closely linked. We have designed our available course offering to be academically sound as well as practical.

Personal Development

The students' personal profiles, combined with their future career options, form the foundation of this practical, real-world approach. That is why our study courses are designed with in-built flexibility, which empowers students to find their own way, on the basis of their educational and professional profiles, as well as their subsequent choice of specialization. The study curriculum aims to impart the necessary knowledge to them, in the areas of media science, media economy and media law, while also developing their creativity and entrepreneurial sense of initiative.

Intensive support and pleasant learning atmosphere

We combine this approach with a personal care concept that specifically addresses the individual strengths and needs of our students. An inviting teaching and learning environment is one of the special values of our university. Lectures take place in small study groups. Lecturers allow enough time for questions from students and are also available out of class. This ensures intensive support and care from supervisors. In this context, the teachers act as catalysts, imparting their experience and expertise - both academic as well as professional - into the courses.


Maintaining multi-faceted communication geared towards an "us-feeling" is a core element of the quality development of our university. Personal contact between students, lecturers and staff of the university is very important in our campus life. A culture of open communication ensures relationships of trust and strengthens the sense of community among all associated with our university.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

We see the encouragement of diversity and promotion of equal opportunities as an integral component of our educational mission. We would like to see all members of our university live out their potential, regardless of their gender, ethnic or religious affiliation or their family background. As part of our studies, we promote and require values such as commitment, motivation, team spirit, tolerance, critical ability, cosmopolitanism and curiosity as well as the ability to cooperate and communicate.

Cooperation and Networking

Our university is firmly oriented toward the maintenance and further development of stable and productive networks with companies in the media industry as well as with educational and cultural institutions. The timeliness, practical relevance and teaching concepts of the different courses should benefit, especially, by this cooperation.