Studium+ – an interdisciplinary additional offer for our students

Our course offering is based on the successful work of our graduates. We offer an interdisciplinary study concept in which theory and practice are closely connected. However, at times you may want to explore a theme in a more in-depth manner or you may want to further your horizon in the area of television and film, journalism or media management. 

This is why we started the Studium+ programme. Together with our partner, the Skript Akademie, we have developed a unique programme for those interested in scriptwriting. As a student of DEKRA Hochschule für Medien you can develop your own project online, at no cost, or you can attend a course called "Author, Editor and Dramaturgist" during which you develop your material. Interested students and prospective directors can become more equipped for success in their dream career.

The Benefits of Studium+

In addition to further education in certain subject areas, the Studium+ of DEKRA Hochschule für Medien has a lot more to offer:

  • Promotes your individual creativity and teaches you valuable market knowledge.
  • Enables you to write your own book or screenplay until it is ready for publication.
  • Provides interesting insights into communication and analysis technology.
  • Experienced mentors give you individual support with the marketing of your project.
  • The courses are suited to both professionals and talented newcomers (students) in the fields of journalism and PR, communication management or film and television.
  • Excellent training and further training for prospective authors, editors or dramaturgists.
  • After you have completed this further training, you can stay in our network and keep in contact with others who have completed the course.
  • Many of our graduates have started off their professional careers very successfully.

If you are interested in the Studium+ programme of DEKRA Hochschule für Medien in Berlin or if you have any questions, contact us. Our study advisory will help you with any queries about Studium+.