Study Public Relations: Create vivid press and PR work

If you are interested in specialising yourself in public relations, you can expect various topics like online public relations, economic communication, communication research as well as texting and presenting of press release. Many practical projects help to put your knowledge into practice. After your studies you can work as speaker for companies, speaker for press or consultant for public relations. Also, a Master’s program at one of many national and international universities is possible. 

Content of the specialisation program Public Relations (selection):

  • Theory and types of PR: You get an overview about the historical development of public relations and learn how important a successful public relation strategy is nowadays. Understand the challenges of modern and innovative public relation work for different audience subgroups and know the differences between public relation and advertising.
  • Corporate identity and image: Understand how important the difference between corporate identity as self-portrayal of a business company and image of outside perception is. Moreover, you learn about aspects like corporate social responsibility, communication, economical ethics, corporate values and solutions of crisis situations. 
  • Media of PR: Learn about the differences and functions of press speakers, press consultants, PR consultants, representative and lobbyists. Get an idea of when which classical print or digital media product is used, what the differences are and why.
  • Methods and strategies of PR: Learn how to develop a PE strategy for a certain situation. Discuss several examples to understand the strategic approach within the field around public relations. 
  • Presentation of PR: In specific situations is very important to be aware of certain action scenarios within PR. You get to know which steps should be considered to manage a successful crisis communication. In an agency team you design your own PR strategy for specific case studies. 

Possible career opportunities of the specialisation program Public Relations:

Press speaker, press consultant, PR consultant, PR editor, speaker for a company, product or other service

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