Study Post Production: Create the actual film

You always wanted to know how post-processing and design of a film production works? In this specialization program you get the answers. You get involved in technical and dramaturgical questions a classical montage like the use of cutting methods. Moreover, you learn about the organization and management of digital data. Also, you get a closer view technologies and software of digital image creation and editing. The objective is to develop an understanding of visual special effects and become able to  use them cleverly. You create own worlds of images, picture layers or backgrounds, for example for green screen recordings or animation films. Also, your bachelor’s degree qualifies you to go into further education and start a master’s program at a national or international university of your choice.

Content of the specialization program Post Production (selection):

  • Cutting systems: Nowadays the final cut of a film and audiovisual media in general works primarily digital. In this module you learn all about cutting systems, software and programs to cut and assemble film scenes and transfer your massage throughout moving image. 

  • Visual effects: Visual effects are essential to the field of post production. They are used to improving existing material or to produce certain effects. By using professional software you learn how to use these effects properly. Moreover, image editing and CG-Techniques are thought as well.

  • Image design and editing: As we all know, images and film sequences can be modified in post production, to achieve a certain effect, change colours and backgrounds. In the module image design and editing you learn all about image and film editing with professional hard and software. 

  • Visual presentation and montage: You want your film project to turn out as classical western or horror thriller? Our teachers show you how to give a scene a certain style throughout cutting and visual effects. Montage and rearrangement of the material are by far the most important part of post production and therefore the focus of this module. 

  • Dramaturgy: For the specialization program Post Production, dramaturgy is also very important. Throughout various colour and brightness corrections the whole mise-en-scène changes. You work your way through these techniques using professional editing software and computer programs. You are going to be using this newly earned theoretical knowledge during the team project at the end of your study program.

  • Data management: The correct use of data is a very important part of post production. You always want to prevent scenes or material to get lost or destroyed, because this can ruin a cinematic vision completely. In the module data management you learn how to manage digital data long term, useful and safely.

Career opportunities with the specialization program Post Production:

Cutter, digital image technician (DIT), expert in colour grading, motion graphic designer, digital artist, animation artist, VFX artist

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