Study Online Journalism: Conception and production of digital content, electronic magazines and blogs

In this specialisation program you learn about the targeted use of new media. Online research and writing for proper and media conforming texts for different media. As online journalist you can work as online editor for an online magazine, also as mobile journalist or independent journalist. Your bachelor’s program ends after the specialisation program with a bachelor’s thesis. The huge practical network of Berlin helps all of our students to build up a network of professionals and end their studies with a lot of practical experiences.

Content of the specialisation program Online Journalism (selection):

  • Hypertextuality and content management: Get to know all about interactive and dynamic software and data architecture. You learn about information and navigation structure at websites, web usability, user navigation and layout. Build your own e-magazine, website and other online applications. You get an overview over different online edition systems, programs and software. 
  • Digital design: Learn elemental fundamentals of design and of the detailed utilization of these technics. How to visualize data and how to use professional editing software. You work with vector and pixel graphics and learn how to use them in practice.
  • Production online content: The use of terms of language and design features of web based media improves your ability to produce printed and online articles and other content for individual target groups. You learn about all the needed ethical and manual requirements towards online journalists.
  • Digital literacy: In this part of the program you get the needed knowledge of digital communication and learn about the chances and risks of working with social media. Become a professional in the areas of fact checking and critical use of filter bubbles and echo chambers.
  • Presentation world wide web: With your newly gained knowledge you are able to work independently in an online editing team. From the conception and development of your own media products all steps of editor’s work and content production are thought. 

Possible career opportunities of the specialisation program Online Journalism:

Online journalist, online editor, influencer, content creator, blogger, app developer, data journalist, multimedia project manager, content manager, social media manager

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