Study Marketing Communication: effective controlling of organizational communication

The specialisation program marketing communication connects communicational and conceptual skills in conjunction with business, management and marketing expertise. In this specialisation program you will be able to work self-contained on concepts of communication and advertising. You are going to use your compiled knowledge during our practical courses around advertising and corporate communication. Lessons in campaign management, above and below the line communication, event management and online marketing enable you, to design advertising activities in context of the corporate identity appropriate to the target audience. In addition, the localization in Berlin, Germany's media capital is helpful building your own and individual network already during your studies.

Content of the specialization program Marketing Communication (selection):

  • Agency management: If you plan on running your own business or working at an agency, like some of our former students do, seems of secondary importance. Important in any case is that success requires a comprehensive understanding of agency organization. Also, aspects of team building management and communication are important to include in this lesson.
  • Corporate governance: Even if your program is not business administration, it is important to know about certain aspects of corporate governance and management. The activities in marketing contribute to the success of a company and corporate governance sets and controls the most important parameters for any action in the fields of marketing.
  • Project management and event management: No matter if campaign or event — during our this course you will start very early with your own practical projects. You learn about the most important tools in project scheduling as well as project management practices. Moreover, you are going to use this knowledge during the cross media project at the end of your studies.
  • Above and below the line advertising: These modules promote the use and the design of advertising formats: either above the line — for example advertising in printed media, outdoor advertising, broadcast advertising, cinema or TV or below the line communication — for example with guerilla marketing, product placement, affiliate marketing, branded games oder corporate fashion.
  • Online marketing and social marketing: During the last decades, online marketing has established as very own discipline at the market. Therefore, you need to learn about the most important aspects of search engine marketing, banner advertisement, email marketing and social media marketing.

Possible careers choosing the specialisation program Marketing Communication:

Speaker for marketing in companies, parties or NGO’s, speaker for public relations or public outreach, content manager/-in, social media manager, content creator, consultant for online and performance marketing manager.

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Communication Management program projects

Find out more about the practical projects that are created and carried out by our students in the Communications Management course. (Since the study programmes Journalism and PR and Communication Management often work together in an interdisciplinary way, you will also find joint projects here.)