Study Film Production: The implementation of a film project

You want to be involved into the whole process of filmmaking, from the first plan to the final minute of the production of the film or TV feature? If this is the case, the specialization program Production is made for you! The specialization takes place during the last two semesters of your bachelor’s program. You learn about the calculation of production budgets, how to provide financing for audiovisual projects and the basic knowledge of controlling. Also, knowledge about copyright law and organizational skills as well as planning competences are provided. Moreover, you are prepared for a master’s program at a higher education institution of your choice. 

Content of the specialization program Production (selection):

  • Film theory and elements of design: Like our students of the specialization program directing, you get a theoretical basis of film understanding. This includes the analysis of cinematic design patterns like camera perspective, cutting or montage as well as the analysis of audio, music and sound design.

  • Film- and television production: This module provides all about the emergence and distribution of a film or TV-series. You learn how to produce a film that addresses your audience successfully. You are going to be using your knowledge in various practical projects at DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien and also in actual companies during our practical projects.

  • Head of production: The production of a film or TV-series can be very expensive. As head of production you learn to calculate costs and needs of a film project. So you stay on top of things, all the time. 

  • Technical script: A technical script provides information about manpower, technology and equipment that is needed for the shooting of a specific scene. This module is all about the needed knowledge to create, read and work with a technical script. 

  • Financing: Prior to the actual production of a film project, the financing must be guaranteed. In this module, the calculation and raising of the needed capital is discussed. Examples help to understand, how many resources are needed to realize an audiovisual project. 

  • Specific right: An important part of film production is the legal review of audio and video material, certain scenes and music. To prevent violations, you need to know all about law and reglementations in filmmaking. 

  • Producing: The production is the heart of a film. In this part of the specialisation you learn, how professional producing helps to adhere to deadlines of appointments and arrangements. Also, other areas of responsibility of a producer are discussed. 

Career opportunities with the specialization program Production:

production management, recording director, (creative) producing, director of an independent film or TV production company, film editor, consultant for film production in the areas television and filmmaking

Specialization Program Film and Television | B.A.

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