Study Education: Understanding, evaluating and teaching film

You want to connect films and education in one program? So this could be the specialization program for you. In the specialization program Study Education building on the experience of the courses acting, staging, film theory and practice you develop skills for the mediation of cinematic content for a modern media education. Our cooperations with many practical partners help to implement practical experiences in our lessons. A dialectic for film education in schools is provided, theoretical and practical to make a career in these areas possible for you. Also, you learn all necessary skills for film education at festivals, in film critic or for film assessment in the area of child and youth protection, to prepare you in the best possible way for your career start.

Content of the specialisation program Film Education (selection):

  • Film education in theory and practice: the topic film education connects very different disciplines, areas of knowledge and cultural, scientific, journalistic and curatorial areas. In this module the productive intertwine of all these aspects is thematized.
  • Didactics and media education: Here the connections between media reception and media education are discussed. In the center of the course are theory and basic understatement of media education and different teaching and learning methods as well as different concepts of lecturing.

  • Screen adaptation and media transfer: The transfer from a piece of literature to screen is in focus of this module. Exemplary the transfer between two or more formats of media is analyzed, to understand how dramaturgy, composition and content can get transferred from one to another specific form of media.

  • Film festivals and Film critic: The module gives you a comprehensive insight in the professional areas of film festivals and film critic. In the area of festivals the aspects of organizational, networking, implementation and financing in focus. Moreover, you learn, how to write professional film critic.

  • Music theory and practice: Besides the visual level the audio level is the most important component of a film. The module mediated the most important basics of music theory as well as their practical importance for films. Playing an instrument is not necessary, but can definitely help. You also get the possibility to bring in your voice by singing or write your own lyrics.

Possible careers with the specialisation program Film Education:

Media education in schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions, media education for pupils, youth or adults as well as teaching film and media education in general. Film critic for print and online media, motion picture assessment or in the areas of child and youth protection. Consultant and manager for film festivals, in museums or other institutions. Also, a career as self-employed media and film educator can be provided. Media consultant or technical editor are also suitable careers for you.

Specialisation program Film Education

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