Study directing: The creative implementation of a film

You are a storyteller, bubbling over with ideas and have the ability to excite others with your ideas? Then, Directing is the perfect specialization program for you. During the two semesters right before the bachelor’s degree you learn about the concepts and methods of film dramaturgy and film history, as well as image conception. This specialization program  will concentrate on developing a deeper understanding of different artistic approaches in moving images, their implementations and set work in general.

Content of the specialization program Directing (selection):

  • Film theory and elements of design:   You get a theoretical basis of film understanding. This includes the analysis of cinematic design patterns like camera perspective, cutting or montage as well as audio, music and sound design. 

  • Dramaturgy history: From ancient times until today: How did technical issues of filmmaking improve? How did this improvement change the way we tell cinematic stories? These gripping topics are part of the module Dramaturgy history.

  • Research and story design: Research and story design are important foundations for a successful film production. Throughout detailed analysis of filmic examples you learn the right approach of collecting important information and their implementation. In this module, studying becomes a combination of theory and practice. 

  • Script writing: Here you learn the basics of scriptwriting. You get deep insights into the most important  elements of writing. You learn  how to create headlines of scenes and a thrilling plot and character development and dialogues. Also, directing and camera instructions are thought.

  • Filmmaking: This module includes not just the set design and costume design but also the creation of sounds and the spotting of outdoor places to shoot. Prepare your own film set and learn how to create and use special effects – digital and analogically. Also, colour grading, lighting and creation and implementation of music and sounds are part of this module.

  • Visual representation and montage: What is the massage behind a film? Which sentiments should be transported by the actors? Learn how to fill moving images with emotions and experience how to use cutting, music and narrative techniques to stress emotions or senses and bring your message across. 

  • Implementation of scripts: Hot to come from a written script into a thrilling film? This module considers questions around the implementation from scripts and gives you a profound knowledge this process.

Possible career options with the specialization program Directing:

Director, director’s assistant, acting coach, script writer, editor and copy editor as well as creative consultant or set designer.

Specialization Program Film and Television | B.A.

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