Study Audio: How to use Music and sound in films

You are interested in film music? You also have a particularly keen sense of sounds? The professional recording and editing of sounds, noises and music are the focus of the specialization program Audio in the study program Film and Television | B.A.. The specialization program takes place during the last two semesters of your bachelor’s program. Students achieve all competences around acoustics, sounds, music and instrumental sonorities. During this practical oriented consolidation various occupational areas of the study program audio and audio engineering are discussed.

Content of the specialization program Audio (selection):

  • Dramaturgy: This module is a part of all our specialization programs in the Film and Television bachelor’s program. Films live from emotions and sentiments, that can be conveyed by music and sound. You learn all about the techniques and methods to deepen dramaturgical impact and evoke stunning effects.

  • Film- and video technology: In the section Audio, you focus on the fundamental knowledge around film and video technical questions. Using professional soft and hard ware, you learn about the importance of image and film editing and much more.

  • Audio technology: How can sounds and music create and maintain tension? Which digital audio technologies and sounds are used in audio engineering and why? What are the differences between using music or other sounds? In this module you get all answers to these questions.

  • Acoustic irradiation and  recording studio: In the recording studio at DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien you experience working with mixing consoles, microphones and mixing software. You learn how to correctly adjust acoustic irradiation to produce the desired effect.

  • Sound technology, microphones and recording: Every microphone placement works different. Therefore, Addressing differences between them is important. In the field of microphone placement everything revolves around the setup, placement and use of microphones and the recording of voice-overs, music and sounds for films and other moving images. 

Career opportunities with the specialization program Audio:

Sound and audio engineer, sound mixer, sound technician, sound designer, film sound engineer or television sound professional

Specialization Program Film and Television | B.A.

Directing Camera Production Post Produktion Audio


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