Study Film Acting and Directing: Learn about the performance in front and behind the camera

In the specialization program Study Film Acting and Directing the focus lies on media specific acting, the cinematic performance and directing. You pass the process form the cinematic idea to the performance in front of the camera and a conclusive critical reflection. Also, economic and organizational aspects like entrepreneurship, media law or practical acting at a film set are important to create a successful film project. The main focus lies on the development of your very personal and individual vision of expression of future during the age of moving image. The study program at DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien provides all needed requirements and more.

Content of the Specialization Program Study Film Acting and Directing (selection):

  • Media specific acting and performance: Each media format works by their own rules. As well as the staging and dramaturgy and also the needed acting skills. These differences are thought in the module media specific acting and performance theoretical and practical. At least, a film is not a music video.
  • Audio visual philosophy: An artistic view on a media requires a fundamental understanding of philosophical background knowledge, which is also not missing. Although this module has a theoretical base, it provides a lot of practical examples for a better understanding. Also, many hands-on exercises help to bring theory and practice together.
  • Directing project in theory and practice: In this module you learn everything about the field of film and theatre directing. You get the opportunity to work at a real film set and experience direction under real-life conditions. During the whole experience you get full support of our professional team of excerpts to prevent mistakes and make the experience successful.
  • Body, movement and performance: You will take a close up look at the connections between the body, it’s movements and the resulting effect for the artistic expression. You will act on stage yourself, produce individual media products like video features and learn about their composition, dramaturgy, acting and directing.
  • Entrepreneurship and media studies: In this lecture you learn about the rules and legal regulations of national and international media law. The entrepreneurship and their juridical areas are the main focus of this module. You learn about the competences required legal foundation around self-employment.

Possible careers with a degree in Film and Performing Arts | B.A.:

Film actor, theatre actor, associate at Broadway, direct assistant director, film critic, performance artist, video game producer, associate at TV and cinema productions are self-employed in the field of film and TV production.

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