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You want to satisfy your hunger for information, spread news in the world and report truthfully in TV, radio, online or printed media? So Journalism and PR | B.A. is your program. People who work in the field of journalism or public relations have to go straight to the heart of the information of public interest and therefore need to be highly qualified in writing, research, collecting information, talking to people and process information. In short, they need to bet qualified rapporteurs, moderators, writers, editors or bloggers. The study program Journalism and PR at DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien prepares you perfectly to the versatile and demanding work as journalist. 

The basic courses in our Journalism and PR Program

The first four semesters of the Journalism and PR program discuss basics of media theoretical and publishing activity, as well as research, journalistic forms of information presentation and media ethics. Primarily you learn practical knowledge of high-quality journalism and up-to-the-minute reports. You get all important skills around public relations as well as applied scientific topics like statistics, media research and media law. Also, the German system of media and politics is part of your newly earned knowledge. 

As the German media and political capital, Berlin offers an exciting and highly political important surrounding for research and reporting. If possible, we implement commissions of our cooperation partners into the lessons. Our professors and teachers take you to the world of journalism - from the Press Ball Berlin (Berliner Presseball) to the latest media conference. 

Journalism and PR program at a glance

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The specialization programs Online Journalism, TV Journalism, Media Acting / Moderation or Public Relations 

After your basic courses during the first semesters you are able to choose one of the four specialization programs Online Journalism, TV Journalism, Media Acting / Moderation or Public Relations. You are going to be writing or produced professional media products like reports, documentations or TV features. During the whole time of your studies we offer you a creative and professional work environment with cutting and post production places, a recording studio, a green box for moderation and acting and free technical equipment for rent. Our teachers support you during the whole process of finding and developing first ideas, about gaining knowledge and learning, what practical journalistic work is about.

The internship: Vital artistic practice and professional networking

At the end of the fifth semester of the study program Journalism and PR you will be going through a 12 week long internship in a media company. You have the possibility to use the earned knowledge and methods writing, reporting and producing news. At the same time, the internship provides new contacts and connections to grow your network of professionals and make your career start even more successful. If you perform well, it is likely that you are taken on as an employee in this very company, after you finished your degree. If you would like to do your internship abroad we also have scholarships available. Our career service is willing to help with the application and paperwork. Take a look at Studentenstimmen at our website to find stories of some of our students travelling abroad for their internship or finding their first job after getting their degree.

Journalism and PR Program — Degree Bachelor of Arts

The study program Journalism and PR | B.A. at DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien is ended with a subject-specific bachelor thesis during the sixth semester. Within the standard period of study you get a Bachelor of Arts degree, which is national and international approved. If you would like to get into further education you can find many universities that offer fitting Master programs. These take approximately two to four semesters and can, of course, be studies abroad.

Professional fields around Journalism and PR

Depending on your chosen specialization program you have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from. Typical professions for the Media Acting specialization program are for example: TV presenter for news, talk or other entertainment shows, correspondent, radio voice over or presenter, interviewer, off-speaker, presenter for products, companies or other services. In the area of Online Journalism you can work as Journalist in different resources, online journalist, online editor, influencer, blogger app developer, data journalist, media project manager, content manager, social media manager. As TV journalist you are going to work as TV reporter, video journalist, TV editor, documentation journalist or producer, speaker or cutter. In the area of Public Relations you can start a career as press officer, press speaker, PR consultant for companies or organizations.

Comments by our Journalism and PR Students 

Former students report on their experiences and time at DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien.

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