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You are able to think in visual images? You have a keen instinct for thrilling stories and you are a team player? Our study program Film and Television | B.A. is made for you! DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien offers you a very hands-on and application-orientated study program in the area of film and television to prepare you for an amazing and successful start of your future career. All of our programs are multidisciplinary and enable you to push beyond your limits throughout an intense and personal support, which addresses your personal situation, needs and wants fully.

The basics of the study program Film and Television

The first four semesters of the program Film and Television | B.A convey the fundamental knowledge of film history, script writing, film-, video- and audio technology. During the different modules you get a fundamental education in the development and production of film and TV production. You learn all about the process from the first research over the script development to dramaturgical rules of turning a script into a film. This also includes the fields of scenic, competitive and auditory design, post production, cutting and general studio work.

During your studies you are going to be working very close with our cooperation partners form art, science and industry. As Germany’s media capital, Berlin offers the best possible surrounding for creative and artistic minds. The program is mainly focused on the practical aspects of filmmaking and is oriented at the actual developments of the media sector. If possible, we integrate commissions straight from our collaboration partners into the lessons. Also, the economical aspects of commercialization and distribution of media is an important part of this study program.

Film and Television program at a glance

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The specialization programs: Direction, Camera, Production, Post Production and Audio

After your basic courses during the first semesters you are able to choose one of the five specialization programs Direction, Camera, Production, Post Production and Audio. You're going to be shooting, cutting or producing your own professional media product like short films, documentations, music videos or TV-features. During the whole time of your studies we offer you a creative and professional work environment with cutting and post production places, a recording studio, a green box and free technical equipment for rent. Our teachers support you during the whole process of finding and developing first ideas, about gaining knowledge and learning, what practical film set work is about. 

The internship: Vital artistic practice and professional networking

At the end of the fifth semester of the study program Film and Television you will be going through a 12 week internship in a media company. You have the possibility to use the earned knowledge and methods of filmmaking and TV production. During this time you get interesting inside views into your future work live and put your newly acquired knowledge into practice. At the same time, the internship provides new contacts and connections to grow your network of professionals and make your career start even more successful. If you perform well, it is likely that you are taken on as an employee in this very company, after you finished your degree. If you would like to do your internship abroad we also have scholarships available. Our career service is willing to help with the application and paperwork. Take a look at Studentenstimmen at our website to find stories of some of our students travelling abroad for their internship or finding their first job after getting their degree. 

Film and Television program – Degree Bachelor of Arts

The study program Film and Television | B.A. at DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien is ended with a subject-specific bachelor thesis during the sixth semester. Within the standard period of study you get a Bachelor of Arts degree, which is national and international approved. If you would like to get into further education you can find many universities that offer fitting Master programs. These take approximately two to four semesters.

Professional fields around Film and Television program

Depending on your chosen specialization program you have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from. The need in the film sector for well-trained specialists is very huge. Our alumni are working at film-, games-, VR-, advertising or marketing and distribution sector. For example, you can work as camera operator, film and TV productions or as motion graphic designer. Also, a job as cutter for film and TV, film editor or audio professional is possible. To make your career start as easy as possible, we at DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien organize and offer network events with professional employer and internship companies. 

Comments by our Film and Television students 

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