Film and Performing Arts - Course Content

Focus of the programme Film and Performing Arts is to educate well-rounded media-literate personalities who can play lead roles in a world increasingly dominated by the visual. It is the first programme in Germany and in Europe to teach film directing behind and practices of performance in front of the camera as inseparable, interdependent units. Practical exercises will be complemented by reflecting on film and media through film theoretical and media didactic perspectives. This approach enables an education that alternates between practical and theoretical modules based on a broad background of artistic and academic knowledge.

Introductory modules are comprised by acting and directing for film, film theory and philosophy of the audiovisual, artistic basics like mise-en-scène, body movement, music and voice, as well as film-technical know-how. Afterwards a personal specialization can be chosen between the two major modules Film Acting & Directing and Film Education. Experienced film academics will deepen the students’ film theoretical understanding and knowledge as well as teach media didactic methods. Film professionals will guide the students through the production of their first film projects and share invaluable insights from their own practical backgrounds. This way our students gain the technical, artistic and philosophical skills they need for a successful start into careers in the audiovisual arts and economy. A personal and subject-specific bachelor thesis will conclude the studies.

Film and Performing Arts at a glance

  • Start of course: at the start of each winter semester
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Study period: 6 semesters
  • Course language: German
  • Internship: 12 weeks, integrated into the course (at the end of the 5th semester)
  • Tuition fees: Here you will find detailed information about the study fees and financing options!

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The Specialisations

Im Studiengang Film als szenische Kunst an der DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien steht die Entwicklung einer Medien-Persönlichkeit im Zeitalter des Bildes im Mittelpunkt. In der Spezialisierung Filmschauspiel und Regie liegt der Fokus auf medienspezifischen Spiel und filmischer Inszenierung. Dabei werden der Prozess von der Idee bis zur Performance vor der Kamera und die Reflexion dessen in unterschiedlichen Modulen gelehrt. Hier: Spezialisierung Filmschauspiel und Regie

Film Acting & Directing

In the specialization module Film Acting & Directing the focus lies on acting in front of the camera and directing for film. The module teaches practical processes from the original idea to the camera performance and its theoretic reflection. Main aim of the module is to develop an artistic and practical audiovisual approach for the students’ filmic expression in their future work.

Contents (selection):

  • Directing & acting in and for media
  • Audiovisual philosophy
  • Theoretical & practical director’s project
  • Movement of the body, performance
  • Entrepreneurship and media law
Im Studiengang Film als szenische Kunst an der DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien steht die Entwicklung einer Medien-Persönlichkeit im Zeitalter des Bildes im Mittelpunkt. In der Spezialisierung Filmbildung werden aufbauend auf den Erfahrungen aus Spiel, Inszenierung Filmtheorie und -praxis die Fähigkeiten für eine Vermittlung von filmischen Inhalten und für eine moderne Medienpädagogik entwickelt. Hier: Medienkompetenz wird an der Schule vermittelt

Film Education

The specialization module Film Education draws on the basic experiences and knowledge from acting, mise-en-scène, and film theory to teach methods of film education and didactics of modern media. Students gain useful theoretical background and practical tools for teaching film in schools, at film festivals, as well as in film critique and film evaluation contexts.

Contents (selection)

  • Theory and practices of film education
  • Didactics and media pedagogy
  • Media transfer and literature adaptation
  • Film festivals and film critique
  • Music theory and practices