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Do you have a very good eye for composition and design, and feel interested in the process of communication and marketing? This is exactly what you need to fit our Communication Management program at DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien. During the first semesters you are going to be learning all important basics of communication management. You will get a profound knowledge about the areas' economy, project management, photography and composition, corporate governance and corporate communication, market- and media research and social marketing. All the knowledge you gained during these basic courses is needed during the following semesters to succeed in the conception and implementation of communication strategies and media productions in complex practical projects.

The basics of the Communication Management program

The focus of our bachelor program Communication Management lies on the conception of communication strategies and media production as well as their design and marketing. The basic studies also include an introduction to legal and entrepreneurial terms of media production. This knowledge is complemented by the basics of media and project management. 

The specialisations Marketing Communication and Communication Psychology deepens the basics from the areas' communication design, business administration, political economics (BWL/VWL), market and media research as well as organization psychology. The specialisation program Communication Design focuses already during the second semester on the conception and composition of graphic and commercial design, programming and development of data bases as well as animation and UX/UD design in 2D and 3D.

During your bachelor program, practical projects for important clients are implemented as often as possible. As major city with many start-ups and agencies, Berlin provides the best possible surrounding for this experience. In addition, the university offers many practical work formats, excursions and interdisciplinary offerings that provide you a diversified input and many connections for your individual creative network.

Communication management program at one glance

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The specialisation programs: Media Design, Marketing Communication and Communication Psychology

During the practical projects of the specialisation programs the knowledge of your basic studies can be purposefully deployed and interdisciplinary deepened. While choosing your specialisation you should rely on your experiences of the basic studies and decide for the field of expertise that suits you best. During the intensification phase you can specialize in one of the three fields: Media Design, Communication Psychology and Marketing Communication. At the end of the program all fields work together in an interdisciplinary cross media project, which is a practical project for a real company or client in Berlin.

The internship: Practical and professional networking

The internship covers a time frame from at least 12 weeks and should serve as practical field to test your knowledge. You work in projects for companies or agencies within the field of media and learn about the everyday work life of a communication manager. If you perform well, it is likely that you are taken on as an employee in this very company, after you finished your degree. If you would like to do your internship abroad we also have scholarships available. Our career service is willing to help with the application and paperwork. Take a look at Studentenstimmen at our website to find stories of some of our students travelling abroad for their internship or finding their first job after getting their degree.

Communication Management – degree Bachelor of Arts

The course Communication Management at DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien is ended with a subject-specific bachelor thesis during the sixth semester. Within the standard period of study you get a Bachelor of Arts degree, which is national and international approved. If you would like to get into further education you can find many universities that offer fitting Master programs. The most interesting thing about the Communication Management course is that during this time you are also able to reorient. That means that you are able to deepen your knowledge within a specific field and go into further education there.

Career options for Communication Management

The connection between theoretical, commercial and conceptual knowledge provides you a targeted career start into national and international field of communication management. With the specialization media design your future career will take place in a media or advertising agency as graphic designer, content developer or app developer, UX/DX designer, advertising developer or even as project manager. Many of our graduates successfully founded a company. As graduate of the specialization program Marketing Communication and Communication Psychology you can work as a marketing speaker or consultant for bigger companies as well as in the field of public relations or as speaker for political parties or NGO’s. Depending on your preferences you are also qualified to work as a content creator in social media or as a social media manager, online marketing or performance manager. Also, the field of personal marketing / HR is conceivable for you.

Comments by our Communication Management students 

Former students report on their experiences and time at DEKRA | Hochschule für Medien.

Communication Management course projects

Find out more about the practical projects that are created and carried out by our students in the Communications Management course. (Since the study programmes Journalism and PR and Communication Management often work together in an interdisciplinary way, you will also find joint projects here.)